Perfectly Imperfect

Discover the newest trend in food photography: Playing with the charm of imperfection.

“Perfectly Imperfect” characterizes food images that strike the viewer as spontaneous and unstaged. Instead of luxury kitchen accessories, the props arouse associations with student life and consist of everyday objects found in every kitchen. Sophisticated food is not presented on expensive china, but simply placed on parchment paper. Seemingly random half-eaten pieces of cake, used cutlery or an empty plate containing mere crumbs are captured in the image. Crumbs and food stains bridge the gap between creative culinary art and real life.

Devil Food photo by Melissa Fox-Austin
Devil Food photo by Melissa Fox-Austin

It comes as no surprise that the new trend has its origins in the dynamic young food blogger scene. The results are fascinating food images, which StockFood now presents to the public. It is the first photo agency to do so. Let yourself be tempted, enchanted and amazed by “Perfectly Imperfect!”

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